Thursday, April 24, 2014

Eurocamp 2014 Programming:

Monday, 12th = day of arrival and check in at youth hostel 'Brigittenau' & dinner at youth hostel

Tuesday, 13th = daytrip by boat on Danube, lunch on boat, dinner at youth hostel

Wednesday, 14th = meeting the Austrian president, walk to St. Stephan cathedral, puzzle ralley, museum (timetravel)
lunch: everybody gets a packed lunch
afternoon: freetime on your own
dinner at youth hostel

Thursday, 15th = Schloss Schönbrunn and zoo (packed lunch).  If it rains, sports activities at school so take your sneakers and loose clothing.
dinner on the road

Friday, 16th = 8.00 at school, guided tour, preparing the stalls/stands

barbecue at school + leisure-time at school
afternoon: starting presentations (sunny: outside, rainy: inside)
dinner at youth hostel

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