Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Eurocamp 2016

Bilbao, Basque Country!

Bilboko Elizbarrutia - Diócesis de Bilbao :: -

Erlijio-Hiritartasuna DBH2: marzo 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

A day in the life of a Eurocamp student ...

SATURDAY  May 17th
It was the last day in Vienna, and we didn`t want to go to Bilbao because we were having a nice time. We made lots of friends (Specially Slovenians), and we wanted to get up very early so we could say goodbye to them. Some of us were able to get up, but not others.
Our teachers told us to finish packing our suitcase, and then, we had breakfast. In the morning, we met at the entrance of Youth Hostel, and there was Stephan. He was our friend and he decided to go with us. In addition, we took some photos and we got his phone number.
Our flight took 3hours to arrive to Madrid`s Airport (Barajas). As it was late and we were hungry, we ate at Mc`Donalds. At the table, there was a game projected with a beamer. After lunch, we found a place where we could charge our Smartphone’s and also, we could spend our time calling our relatives. We had free time until 7 P.m. and them, we started doing this essay. Our journey to Bilbao took an hour. And there, we had our relatives to take us home.
This has been a great experience because even if some of us did not know how to speak English well, we were able to communicate with them. We will never forget this week!!  


A day in the life of a Eurocamp student ...


This day started by waking up earlier than usual because it was the presentation day.

First of all, de took the tram and de went to The Franz Schubert Europa Schule. When we arrived there, some students showed us their school, which was huge. After that, they gave us 3 options: playing soccer, watching a film, or playing table football. We all had a great time during these 2 hours!!!

At 12 o'clock, we had lunch. Later on, we started with different presentations. To introduce our country, we chose a different an original way. We made a video showing different places of the Basque Country. We also dances a popular Basque dance calles 'Agurra'. We strongly believe that our presentation was really good and people liked it.

Then, prepares a stand and tried typical food from other countries such as: Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Austria. It was great, and our stand was a great success. After all that, the Slovenians and us started singing popular songs from each country. Finally, we went to the hostel and we stayed in the noise room. We had a really good time with the Slovenian during all the afternoon; like we did the day before. They were really friendly so at half past 11 we were extremely sad because it was time to say goodbye.


A day in the life of a Eurocamp student ...

Thursday, May 15th
After taking breakfast on a rainy and windy day, we went to take the train to Schönbrunn. We had two hours to visit the outside of the palace. The palace was the place where royal family lived, specially princess Sissi.
Afterwards, as the weather wasn’t very good, we went to the aquarium, instead of going to the zoo.

Later, in the aquarium, we saw different types of species of animals. There were all types of terrestrial animals, monkeys and birds to white sharks. Firstly, the aquarium was divided in 8 floors. On each floor there were rare animals. The most impressive animals were on the floor of the spiders and the monkeys.

We finished our visit very early. This is why we went to the shopping mall. Actually, we had dinner there by eight o’clock, we were in the noise room which we explained before. Beforehand, the day was so perfect, that we wanted to repeat it.

Imanol Sierra, Xabier Aramendia and Leire Casas.

A day in the life of a Eurocamp student ...

Wednesday, May 14th

First we got up and we had a fantastic breakfast at the Youth Hostel.  All the students taking part in the Eurocamp met at reception and all together we went to visit Vienna, a very beautiful city. We visited many wonderful places such as St. Stephen’s cathedral, which was amazing. Then, we also visited the Time Travel museum that was fascinating.  We all liked it because it was a different museum, we learnt about the boring history of Austria in a funny way. Afterwards, we had to fill in a sheet with information about the most popular monuments in Vienna. It was written in German and we didn't understand anything, so in order to do it we asked our Eurocamp friends for help. To finish with, we went shopping to the shopping mall, everything was very expensive so we only bought some souvenirs for our family.

This Eurocamp experience in Vienna has been great. Thank you for giving us this opportunity because it has been an unforgettable week!!


A day in the life of a Eurocamp student ...

Tuesday, May 13th

It was the first time we woke up in the hostel in Vienna. It was also the first time we had breakfast and we can say that it was the best meal we had in the hostel during our stay.

This was also the first day we went to take a tour in Vienna. We went on a boat trip on the Danube river. This day, we had lunch on this boat while it kept going through the river. We ate pork chops with boiled potatoes and ketchup. However, the weather didn`t help us because it was raining and cloudy.

After this boat trip, we went to do a small tour through Vienna. They separated us into different groups by mixing nationalities. Then, we started meeting new people from other countries.

Finally, we went back to the hostel and we had dinner. The food was very different. We also went to the noise room and we had a good time playing billiards. Besides, we met new Slovenian people.

We believe the Slovenians were the nicest people in Eurocamp because they cook it in a different way, and its flavor was strange.