Monday, May 26, 2014

A day in the life of a Eurocamp student ...

Thursday, May 15th
After taking breakfast on a rainy and windy day, we went to take the train to Schönbrunn. We had two hours to visit the outside of the palace. The palace was the place where royal family lived, specially princess Sissi.
Afterwards, as the weather wasn’t very good, we went to the aquarium, instead of going to the zoo.

Later, in the aquarium, we saw different types of species of animals. There were all types of terrestrial animals, monkeys and birds to white sharks. Firstly, the aquarium was divided in 8 floors. On each floor there were rare animals. The most impressive animals were on the floor of the spiders and the monkeys.

We finished our visit very early. This is why we went to the shopping mall. Actually, we had dinner there by eight o’clock, we were in the noise room which we explained before. Beforehand, the day was so perfect, that we wanted to repeat it.

Imanol Sierra, Xabier Aramendia and Leire Casas.

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