Monday, May 26, 2014

A day in the life of a Eurocamp student ...

Tuesday, May 13th

It was the first time we woke up in the hostel in Vienna. It was also the first time we had breakfast and we can say that it was the best meal we had in the hostel during our stay.

This was also the first day we went to take a tour in Vienna. We went on a boat trip on the Danube river. This day, we had lunch on this boat while it kept going through the river. We ate pork chops with boiled potatoes and ketchup. However, the weather didn`t help us because it was raining and cloudy.

After this boat trip, we went to do a small tour through Vienna. They separated us into different groups by mixing nationalities. Then, we started meeting new people from other countries.

Finally, we went back to the hostel and we had dinner. The food was very different. We also went to the noise room and we had a good time playing billiards. Besides, we met new Slovenian people.

We believe the Slovenians were the nicest people in Eurocamp because they cook it in a different way, and its flavor was strange.




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