Monday, May 26, 2014

A day in the life of a Eurocamp student ...

SATURDAY  May 17th
It was the last day in Vienna, and we didn`t want to go to Bilbao because we were having a nice time. We made lots of friends (Specially Slovenians), and we wanted to get up very early so we could say goodbye to them. Some of us were able to get up, but not others.
Our teachers told us to finish packing our suitcase, and then, we had breakfast. In the morning, we met at the entrance of Youth Hostel, and there was Stephan. He was our friend and he decided to go with us. In addition, we took some photos and we got his phone number.
Our flight took 3hours to arrive to Madrid`s Airport (Barajas). As it was late and we were hungry, we ate at Mc`Donalds. At the table, there was a game projected with a beamer. After lunch, we found a place where we could charge our Smartphone’s and also, we could spend our time calling our relatives. We had free time until 7 P.m. and them, we started doing this essay. Our journey to Bilbao took an hour. And there, we had our relatives to take us home.
This has been a great experience because even if some of us did not know how to speak English well, we were able to communicate with them. We will never forget this week!!  


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