Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A day in the life of a Eurocamp student …

Tuesday May 14th, 2013

First, we went on a 3 hour journey by bus. We visited a city of Prague. Furthermore, we went on a tour around the city and we saw the changing of the guards. Then, we went to visit Vltoba river.

We ate at McDonalds fast food restaurant. Following this, we visited different places in Prague like the astronomical clock from the year 1410 and the town square.
Also, we stayed in a park with a lot of gardens and different animals on it and we saw a wall with some symbols there. These symbols were artificial scuptures of faces from people and animals.
To finish our time in Prague, we went shopping during our free time.
In the end, we returned to Cichnova Hotel and on the road, we stopped in a petrol station to have dinner.
 Julen Rojo / Miren Laria / Nerea Bahon


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