Thursday, May 23, 2013

A day in the life of a Eurocamp student …

Wednesday May 15th, 2013
The day started at 08:00 o´clock, we went to have breakfast.At 09:00 o´clock, we took a bus to go to Moravian caves.

There, we stayed at the shop souvenirs and we bought souvenirs.Then, we took a train and we went to Moravian Caves.

We visited the caves by boat, and we saw a lot stalactists and stalacmits.It was fantastic, wonderfull and very beautiful.

Then we ate at restaurant, and it was fantastic! When we arrived at the hotel, we changed our clothes and we went to the football pitch to play football matches, it was fantastic! Finally, we had dinner at the cantine hotel. and we go to our bedroom.

To be continued...

Gorka Varona & Xabier Olmo



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