Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A day in the life of a Eurocamp student …

Monday, 13th of May

All of us were very excited waiting for our boarding cards at the airport because we were going to the Czech Republic, and the most important thing, we were going to miss a week of school!

We caught the flight in Bilbao. Some of us had never travelled before, but we were very relaxed. When we arrived at Barajas airport, we spent a short time there because we took the next plane very fast. This flight was longer than the first.

We arrived in Vienna, and we walked to the bus. The journey on the bus was great, because we saw very beautiful  landscapes. We arrived at the hotel at night, we went to our rooms, we left our luggage, and we went to the canteen to have supper. We had rice with Czech sauce for dinner. And finally,we went to "sleep".

 Jon Fernandez & Markel Anta


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