Monday, May 26, 2014

A day in the life of a Eurocamp student ...

Monday, May 12th

We met at the airport at 5:30 a.m. We were very tired because it was too early. Once we met our teachers at the airport we said goodbye to our parents and we checked in our luggage. We could not sit all together in the plane so some slept and others listened to music or watched a film in their mobile phone.

The flight from Bilbao to Madrid was very fast and short, about one hour, we were quite excited although some students felt sick and wanted to throw up.

The flight from Madrid to Vienna was longer than the previous one, three hours more or less, so we spent all the journey sleeping. When we arrived in Vienna Wilburg, one of the Austrian teachers, was waiting for us.

We caught the train, and it was a long journey. Afterwards, we took the bus SA and finally we arrived at the hostel. There the teachers gave us the keys of the rooms that we had chosen. Then, we went upstairs to our room and we unpacked our suitcase. Later, we went to the canteen to have dinner, however, the food was not good enough for us. What’s more, we had dinner at 5.00 p.m.!!!!
When we finished having dinner we went to the reception because there was free Wi-Fi and we all sat down in the sofas to talk to our family and friends. We could only be there until 22:00 p.m., so then we went to the “Noise Room”, which was the place where we could speak louder until 23:00 p.m. There we met Slovenian and Austrian people from the Eurocamp, who were so nice and friendly. At 23:00 p.m. we went back to the rooms, but nobody slept because we were really excited as it was our first day in Vienna.

Naroa Roldan, Anne De la Cruz and Elene Zabala


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